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Chapter 4: Long Distance

a/n: I have a hatred for this short in particular so if this isn't good, that's probably why... still, I hope you enjoy!
“I hate this fucking room!” Cassie yelled in her apartment as she rested her head on the desk, the screen in front of her was worse, but this was her livelihood. She groaned as she had only been a few sentences from finishing her short story, this one was sure to pull her over until she could finish a bigger piece. Though she knew she wasn't finishing this tonight and simply just wanted to sleep, her phone had other plans however.

For the entire day it hadn't gone off but now suddenly it decided to be functional. She checked it without a second thought and saw that her friend, StickySweetBun, had texted her. She knew his real name, but that was much funnier to her.

Despite how funny it may have been, she didn’t want to read his message. She honestly wished she hadn’t even seen it, because now she would have to respond to him… or at the very least she would feel compelled to respond. She groaned and thought about how nice her bed would feel, but then again the thought of getting to be held by whoever this was that she was talking to was much more enticing… or at the very least had managed to guilt her into responding. Within seconds of texting him back, he had already sent something.

StickySweetBun: You really shouldn’t be up rn

“Yeah no shit,” she said aloud.

StickySweetBun: But, since you are I’ll only keep you for a bit. I’m really glad you understand how important this is.

NintyAnn: Of course, you help me so of course I’ll help you!

StickySweetBun: Thanks! Also, things have really gotten hectic over here, but I’ll have some really special news for you really soon 😉

NintyAnn: Or you could just tell me now.

StickySweetBun: Nah, it’ll be much better if you have to wait for it 😎

NintyAnn: I guess you know best then

StickySweetBun: Not better than you

“But you act like it though.” Cassie got up thinking maybe that was it, but then right as she was about to get into bed she thought about something. She groaned a bit before beginning to type.

NintyAnn: Oh, I almost forgot. I might not be able to respond to your messages as my parents want me to visit them. My nephew is having his third birthday and his mom really wants all of us to be there.

“Really she just cares entirely too much about shit that doesn’t matter and she wants everyone including me, a bitch who could care less if even she dies, to be there.” Cassie then got into bed and held her pillow as she thought about having a secure boyfriend who could hold her how she wanted. Man was that a dream.

StickySweetBun: That sounds boring af, but at the same time I know it must really mean a lot to the parents that you’re gonna be there, especially for your brother who loves seeing you. Though, I know this’ll sound kind of strange, but where are you going?

Cassie didn’t see any harm in him knowing. Even if he knew the place he wasn’t going to find her, plus she didn’t live there.

NintyAnn: Back home in Acron. I used to live in Leiimu.

StickySweetBun: No way… well hopefully you’re not some kind of killer, because I live there too.

NintyAnn: That’s… more than coincidence.

StickySweetBun: It must be fate! We should meet up, it’ll be during the day in like a mall or something.

Cassie honestly didn’t mind this, she’d be killing two birds with one stone if she did this and… getting to see what he looked like was something she needed to do.

NintyAnn: Alright, I think that’s a good idea too! When I land there I’ll text you and I guess we’ll meet up?

StickySweetBun: Yeah, now I’m all anxious 😅 but I’m really really glad we’re getting to meet!

NintyAnn: Me too 🤗

Cassie wound up talking to him for about another hour until Cassie couldn't stand to be awake anymore and she had to sleep. Though now she felt a bit giddy and felt like sleep would never come.

That statement couldn’t have been more accurate as she barely got any sleep that night and instead wound up finishing up her story. She wanted to die, but the plane ride was the next morning and there was nothing she could do about being late. Her mother was with her however, she didn’t know about her meeting up with this guy, Cassie planned ahead of time to lie to her and say that she was just going to look around the town and ‘take in all the things she’s missed’ as if. Cassie got to sleep on the plane and once they landed Cassie set off to go and meet Amai!

The place he picked was crowded as he said, Cassie was familiar with this mall from when she used to live here, but crowded places still weren’t for her. She wound up just sitting and staring at her phone for a good thirty minutes until someone came and walked in front of her. She looked up and felt extraordinarily nervous now. Whoever this was looked like someone who just jumped out of an anime… no who was crafted by the Gods… no, someone who was beyond the textbook definition of perfect!

In a nutshell, this guy was Cassie’s type.

She looked at his shirt and felt herself becoming even more nervous, that's why he approached her.

“Cassie?” She nodded. “You know, I figured it was you, but I wasn’t sure and I couldn’t see your shirt.” He sounded pretty much like she didn’t expect, and on top of all of that he was tall too? What are the odds?

“S-sorry, I really didn’t know what else to do.”

“Well, it’s a good thing I saw you. I was just about to leave but… wow.”


“Oh, nothing you’re just a lot… shorter than I expected.”


“I don’t mean that in a bad way! It’s actually kind of cute.” Damn it, don’t call me that! “Oh wait I shouldn’t say that, because you aren’t right?” She gave him an awkward giggle. “But one thing that is true is that you really don’t talk too much, I don’t mind though. I know I gotta work to make you comfortable from the ground up.” She nodded shyly to him, “Let’s talk somewhere else then.”

Cassie went with Amai and learned pretty much everything she knew about him all over again, a part of her did want to stop and tell him this, but if she didn’t say that stuff when she was texting him what would be any different now?

Though the day was ending and Cassie had to get back to the hotel her and her mother were staying in. Amai walked with her and kept talking to her even past that point.

“You know, I really didn’t think our online conversations would be pretty much the same as the real life ones.”

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“Well, you sounded like you’d be more willing to shut me up if I said anything stupid, but you’re really nice and just let me go on and on.”

“You’re not talking that much. Besides, I really like to listen more than anything.”

“Yeah, but I like listening to you too. You’re so interesting! Even in person. You know most people don’t live up to their online selves, but you do in so many ways.” She wanted to ask what he meant by that, but she kept it to herself and just thanked him before seeing that they were getting close to the hotel.

“Well we’re getting close.” He stopped.

“Alright, I really don’t want to leave, this is the most fun I’ve had in this town in a long time.”

“Honestly, same.” They shared in a laugh together, “But are you gonna be alright getting home?”

“Oh yeah, I’ll just call an uber or something.”

“Well, be careful either way.” He chuckled.

“I know, stuff like that is scary too, but I think I can handle someone if they try anything.” Not think, you CAN with the body I see. “But either way, if you’re leaving soon I guess we’ll just go back to texting huh?”

“Yeah, but we’ll get to be close friends who meet up everyday soon!” I mean, maybe not everyday since that sounds like a headache.

Amai smiled at her. “Yeah… that sounds really perfect.” She returned the smile. “But night, you sleep alright okay?”

“I’ll try, you know me.” Amai laughed before he took out his phone once more.

Once he did, Cassie made a mad dash to get to the hotel and inside of the lobby she caught her breath. She didn’t care that the man behind the desk was staring at her, she calmed down and stood up.

“You try hanging out with someone who looks like they could be a God all day.” He gave her a look, but said nothing as she went up to go to her room.

A few days went by and this birthday party was finally over with. Cassie and her mother were going back to Maileon and Cassie couldn’t believe she wasn’t taking someone back home with her. She sighed nearly the entire time once they were going back, but she found herself thinking with all the hassle she has back there, maybe having one less person wouldn’t be so bad.

“Cassie?” Her mother spoke, “You’ve looked so sad since we had to leave, what’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing. I just really like to go places and I always get like this when we gotta go back to normal.” Cassie knew her mother didn’t believe that bold face lie, but they were on a plane, what was she gonna do?

Cassie looked out the window and thought about nothing for a bit until she heard a voice speaking to her mother. Cassie’s head nearly snapped off her neck as she turned to look and there she saw Amai!

“Surprise! I’m heading where you live!”

Cassie didn’t know what to do. Her face smiled, but her brain stopped working all together.