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Chapter 3: Sickness

Cassie wasn’t the type who cared very much that she was sick; she’d stay at home, rest up and eventually she’d feel better. However, this time she forgot to make up an excuse to rain check Akihiko—a close friend of hers—so instead, he showed up to her house and after finding her in the state she was, he decided to stay over and nurse her.

“Cassie, I know you don’t want me seeing you like this.” No, I don’t want you here with me in general! “But I might have to stay here for longer than I said.”

“You really don’t have to.” Like you REALLY don’t have to.

“Well, I want to. Even though we were supposed to work together, I’m much happier just being sure you’re taken care of.” Akihiko walked back inside of the living room and with a steaming bowl in his hand, he sat it on the table across from the couch where she rested. Seeing his bright face, she couldn't help but think about just grabbing him and cuddling the day away. She turned her head and groaned a bit. “W-what’s wrong?” His panicked voice escaped his lips.

“Nothing.” She turned back. “I just had a bad thought about this cold.”

“I doubt you'll stay sick for very long.” He gave her a sweet smile.

Cassie pretended to sneeze in order to look away from him without seeming too awkward. Akihiko just chuckled at her.

“You know though,” Cassie remained rubbing her nose with the tissue. “Won’t you get sick if you stay here?”

“Probably, but I’ve nursed my mom a lot and she usually gets things that are pretty contagious. I think the worst that I got was a bad cough she had,” he said with a chuckle. Way to be lucky.

“Well, if you really want to take care of me, I think you should just stay until I fall asleep. I normally sleep for a bit when I’m sick.”

“Then all the more reason for me to stay over tonight. When you wake up, I doubt if you’ll feel well enough to make something to eat, but you’ll be hungry for sure. Plus, you have to be sure you get enough fluids.” Cassie gave him an awkward smile, but mentally she couldn’t take this anymore! “Oh, but since I am here, we could work on your piece.”

“But I can’t write at all.”

“I know, but I can still answer those questions you wanted me to know about.” She made a face. “Come on, I really don’t mind.” He paused. “Well, it’s also fine if you want to not ask me today too. I’m fine with us meeting again when you’re feeling better.” The way he said that caused Cassie to panic and she sat up on the couch.

“No!” She paused. “I mean, you might be busy with something important and I wouldn’t want to keep you over some stupid questions.”

He chuckled leaning closer to her. “They’re not stupid and you would never be wasting my time.” Yeah, lie again. “But I’ll write them down and you can use them later alright?”

Cassie nodded to him as she was finally able to have a second to breathe normally...

Her and Akihiko talked for pretty much a good hour and by this point, Cassie was feeling well enough to be on her own. Akihiko still insisted that he stay over for as long as he could and remained at her place until it got a bit late.

“That’s right. Did Mr. Wry ever call you back?” Cassie asked.

“Oh, he did, but I decided to turn him down.”

“Really? Wasn’t that something you really wanted to do though?” Cassie said as she set down the mug in her hands.

“Working in his research department sounds like something that would perfect for me; but, I figure working that job would only keep me busy, it’s not something I really want to do.”

“You still have that dream like your parents don’t you?”

His expression went soft with a gentle smile accompanying his features. “Yeah, it’s pretty cool they get to travel all over the place, plus they put their heads together really well.” Cassie smiled. “Though,” he began, “I’m still thinking about pursuing that seriously.”

“Why? I thought you were dead set to follow in your parents footsteps?”

“Well, that would require me to stay away for a long time." His hand went behind his head and a soft blush bloomed on his pale cheeks. "I really don’t know if I could handle that much time away from you.”

Cassie felt like an arrow had shot her through her heart at those words. Come on! You can’t say something that romantic, that’s not fair!

“W-well, I’d miss you too, but if this is something you want to do I shouldn’t be the reason why you don’t do it.”

He smiled. “I knew you’d say something like that. Personally, I thought about this with you in mind. Then I figured you would say that and I’d eventually just listen to you.” He looked at her now. “But one thing's for sure; no matter what I decide to do, you’ll always be what I come back to! We’re way too close for me to just forget about you, okay?”

She felt a bit pressured to say something back. Fuuuccckkk I hate this feeling. Should I say something? You’re so beautiful we should just go out? I’ll miss you too? All this sounds like I want him… well I do, but I can’t say something like that.

“Well, I’ll always be here for you too.”

Akihiko smiled and let out something that Cassie had to dub the most beautiful laugh in the entire universe. Now, she felt her warmpth was from something other than her cold.