So, I have a lot of ideas that I get for stories, but I never do much with past planning or just writing a small portion of it. Mainly because of a lack of motivation and the usual struggle that I cant write 24/7; which I would love to do.

Here's this instead.


So, Quiet Girl isn't a new thing for me. In fact it's pretty old at this point (I believe around four years now) and I usually get some ideas for it randomly. I would put it here, but this would actually be an annoyingly long post, so instead I decided to make a seperate page for this idea I got about turning Quiet Girl into a video games!

Read about it here!


I love the paper mario series and yes, I am in the camp of loving the former three better than the latter three. The Thousand-year old door is my absolute favorite and as a result of that, I got the random idea to make the Super Luigi stories in full. So, I did some research and made a huge doc with all the buyable books texts on it, the info from Luigi's partners that you can talk to during Mario's adventure, and the retelling that Luigi has when you talk to him and ask about what he was doing. After all that, I'm able to understand how the story really went and started to write based off of that.

Here's the 2nd chapter where he recruits his baked blooper friend, Blooey.

“This is the Tapi Jungle and I don’t know how you got this far because the Pudding continent is pretty far from… anything really.”

“Then how do you all meet anyone?” Luigi asked.

The blooper’s eyes narrowed. “We’re bloopers. You think we can’t swim or something?” Luigi chuckled at his comment, the young blooper went on. “We just swim to different places. Not a lot of people come by here, but it’s pretty common for a body or two to show up around here. Every so often we look through to see if there’s anyone who needs help.”

Luigi nodded. “By the way, what’s your name?”

“…I’m Blooey.”

“I’m Luigi.”

Judging by his lack of response, Blooey didn’t seem to care. They kept walking together through the mushy soil of the jungle.

“So is this village we’re going to familiar with Rumblebump Volcano?”

“Pretty much.” Was all he answered.

Luigi didn’t seem to even notice how Blooey was acting and simply took in the environment around him.

Their short walk was met with the cries of an elderly Blooper who swam right for them as soon as Luigi saw the clearing.

“Calm down before you jump in the fire old man,” Blooey said.

“I didn’t expect you back so soon. That could only mean…” The elder grunted before looking to Luigi. “Well, who’s this? Was he found in the jungle?”

“Yeah. Oh, and by the way, it wasn’t Petey Piranha again.”

“Oh… well good thing it was you instead.” The elder slowly drifted closer to Luigi. “My name is Bloozer, I’m the elder of this town.”

“I’m Luigi and I have to thank you all for letting me come here.”

“Yeah, he’s trying to go to the volcano. I’m trying to stop him, but it’s not working.” Blooey explained.

“What business do you have there?” Bloozer addressed Luigi. “It’s very dangerous, not even our best can handle going there!”

“Like I told Blooey: I need to go. It’s my only lead to getting another compass piece!”

Bloozer made a more than confused face, then Blooey went up to him and whispered.

“Look, I know he'll probably burn to a crisp just going there; but since he’s here, he can come with me! That way you won’t have any excuse to not let me go,” Blooey said.

“Blooey! Don’t be so rash.” Bloozer shook his head as he moved away. “Neither you nor Luigi is going there!” Blooey was about to say something when Luigi spoke up.

“Why won’t you let Blooey go? Is something really bad there?”

“Of course there’s danger in a volcano. We don’t know what’s going on and without that, anyone who goes there could die, and no one would ever know why.”

His words obviously made sense to Luigi, but he also understood the importance of seeing if the Compass piece was there. So he stepped up and took one of Blooey’s tentacles in his hand and raised it up beside him.

“What are you-”

“What if we go together? Then if something does happen, one of us can head back and tell the village what happened.”

Blooey took his tentacle back.

“How can I trust that?” Bloozer asked.

“Easy! I’d never leave someone in danger and I’m sure Blooey wouldn’t either,”

The blooper looked off. “Well-”

Luigi interjected with, “so I’m sure we would help each other to safety.”

Bloozer couldn’t help but think Luigi was quite ditzy. He couldn’t quite call it oblivious, it was more like Luigi couldn’t see—or didn’t care—that Blooey would leave him for a dried shroom in a heartbeat, but maybe that was good. Maybe having Luigi, who would try his best to save Blooey in any danger, would be a good thing.

Bloozer closed his eyes. “You will protect each other?”

“You bet.” Luigi said immediately.

“You better hope you’re not in that much danger.” Blooey stated.

With that, Bloozer felt like he couldn’t change their minds. He gave in to them and gave a nod. That simple gesture of approval made Blooey so excited he nearly flew into the air.

“Calm down there, white torpedo,” Bloozer said with a mocking voice, “you’re about to hit something.” Blooey came down and Bloozer went on talking. “Before you go, I want you to talk to others who have been inside the volcano before you go. I’ll tell everyone to stop you if you try and leave before then.” He explained.

Blooey sighed. “What a snooze.”

“Where can we find them?” Luigi asked.

“I know where they’re at… Just come one so we can hurry and get a move on.” Blooey floated away right after saying that.

Luigi smiled to Bloozer, in a show of appreciation, and caught up to Blooey for the start of their journey to the volcano.