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Chapter 2: True Crime

“…Sadly, none of the victim’s families can get closure and the police don’t even have a suspect anymore. Whoever did this are likely free to do whatever they want until the Police get a lead or tip on who could have committed these crimes.” Cassie took one last look around her room before thinking that even with the lights on, she still wasn’t protected enough. “Other than that, I hope you all stay safe out there and I will see you next time, Bye!”

As the video ended, Cassie couldn’t move her fingers fast enough as she went to anything she thought would save her from this frightened state she was in. She thought about calling someone, but who would be up at this hour? She knew she shouldn’t have been watching a true crime story this late anyways, but it was only one! Her finger scrolled anxiously until she mistakenly tapped twice and dialed someone’s number.

“Oh, shit, oh shit, oh shit!” She thought about hanging up, then she thought all they would do is call her back. So she just waited it out and shockingly, that someone picked up.

“So you finally decided to call me at the right hour?”

“Akuma, please could you not right now.” Cassie groaned.

“Well what did you call for?”

She thought about telling him, but figured she’d just get made fun of for being scared of a crime story. Then she figured maybe that’d be good so her mind would get off it.

“Well, I was watching a True Crime story and I got a little scared… guess I just wanted some solace.”


“Would I be lying?”

“No, but a phone call won’t protect you. I’m better off just stopping by there.”

“Wait what?”

“You heard me, so I won’t repeat it. I’ll be over in five minutes, I’ll text you when I’m at the door so I won’t scare you, okay?”

“Well yeah but-” He hung up, she looked at her phone in slight anger. “Who the fuck hangs up like that?” She threw her phone to the side before sighing and pulling her feet up to the couch.

A part of her was happy Akuma was the one she had mistakenly called, but another part of her stressed out as the hour was much too horrible.

“Ugh… this can’t be happening!”

Akuma now sat on her couch while the TV played something neither of them were watching. Cassie kept a blanket over her body while Akuma sat beside her.

“You know, here I thought you were going to cling to me and cry out about how you don't want me to leave tonight or how we should stay in the same room… possibly even the same bed?” He had whispered that last part causing Cassie to jump out of her seat and head out of the room.

Now inside of the kitchen, she took a deep breath while resting on the counter.

Okay, shit can’t get any worse than this. Akuma will likely get bored, especially if I don’t offer him anything good. He’ll be gone before I know it!

Akuma entered the kitchen seeing the expression she was making. “Why are you looking like that? What, are you worried I might leave and then shut off the power and attack you?”

“That’s not even something to joke around about.” Her eyes narrowed. “And no, I’m just thinking if I should get ice cream or not. I don’t really want to have to go and buy some more later.”

“Well I say you should get some ice cream.” He went to her fridge, and before opening it he said, “Cookie dough right?”

“I swear you must stalk me or something. How do you even know that?”

He got a bowl and got a few scoops out as he spoke. “Let’s just keep that to myself, but it’s nothing bad I promise.” Cassie sighed at his diversion. “Besides, you did call me over here and now you act like you don’t want me here?”

It’s not that I don’t want you over here, I’m just trying not to do anything with you. “Honestly, I just wanted someone over here so I can be less paranoid.”

He walked to her front and held up the bowl.

“I know, and that’s what I intend to do.” Cassie took it and sighed a bit again. “There’s that sigh. When you don’t make it I kind of forget what it sounds like.”

Cassie went back to the living room and decided to occupy him. “Hey, how about this, until I get tired you play a game for me.”

He shrugged. “Sure, what game?” He said as he grabbed the controller and sat down beside her.

“Demon’s Crest.”

He chuckled. “Oh, you mean the one you haven’t even beat the final boss for?”

“Shut up. That’s why I want you to play it, I wanna see if you can beat him and in the meantime while you lose, it’ll provide some much needed entertainment.”

“Alright, but if I do beat him what do I get for it?”

“The credits?”

“From you, Cassie.”

“I don’t know…” I would ask you what you want, but I don’t need you in my bed tonight. “How about I cook you something?”


“Because you’re always complaining about how you never have anything to eat and how you hate fast food. So I’ll just make you something.” Akuma smiled at her.

“I guess you’re on then, but I’m expecting something good from my future wife.”

“Sexism at its finest.”

“Be glad someone even wants to marry you.” Akuma snickered as he booted the game up.

Not that I want it to be to you, but I guess good looks help me to ignore that terrible personality.