So, this is the first chapter of my collection of short stories Quiet Girl. If you don't know what this story is even about, check out this page, if you came from that page or are simply interested in this story, keep reading.

I always like to say before the story that I hope you enjoy reading, so here's:

Chapter 1: When Life Ends and Begins

Only Cassie could think death would be better than having to deal with another human being for thirty minutes. Well, maybe it would be better just to die rather than humiliate herself and have to deal with that for the rest of her life, as it would haunt her at three in the morning. Though, she figured she really would die if she didn’t take this chance.

Currently, she sat in the middle of a lobby area with a group of others who were also minding their own business. Cassie knew pretty much everything in the room by now; from how long she had been here to how many times that guy in the corner reached to adjust himself, but she knew all that meant was that she’d be called into her interview soon.

She wondered if her breath stunk. Was the outfit her mom helped her with too much? Too little? Was that one of the points they were looking out for? Cassie agonized internally while reaching for her water to take a calm drink. She shut the lid she told herself once more

I want to die

A few minutes passed and a woman came out calling Cassie’s name, she got up as calmly as she could and walked to her. The woman smiled and began to take her to the room where she was going to be interviewed.

Shit couldn’t get any worse than this, she thought; it was likely going to be some old creepy dude who thought he could get in with her and that would be her only way to get what she wants from him. While she didn’t want to think all business people were like that, it was hard not to.

The woman got to the door and opened it for Cassie to go inside. She shut it and Cassie instantly felt the cold of the room, she hoped her shiver hadn't been too visible as the man inside had looked up right as she entered. Though she wanted to change her earlier statement; it was likely going to be some young creepy dude who thought he could get in with her and that would be her only way to get what she wants from him.

This man was beautiful and while she still wouldn’t be alright with the idea of him taking advantage of her, boy was this a step up.

He gave her a smile and got up to greet her. “Good morning Ms. Ann.”

She took his hand and felt like it’d be weird if she squeezed it. “Good morning to you as well.”

Smiling, the man walked back to the desk while Cassie took the seat across from him. “Alright, let me say that I normally don't ask questions in the beginning. My interviews try and assess your overall skill. I want to know why you think you’re going to benefit me and my company or even why you believe your skills are good enough to belong in this company.”

His words hit Cassie like a ton of bricks, these were the things she needed more skill in. Cassie nodded and began to talk as fluently as she could. She went through all her points; how good she thought her writing was, where she was willing to go with her writing and other things she trained herself to lie about, but he didn’t know any better and by the time it was over she still wanted to die.

This man had made no facial expression after she began to talk which only made it that much harder for her to know if she was doing alright or not. Once she finished, however, she saw a smile come to his face.

Welp, he’s glad I’m done.

“I’ll have to take your word on most of this, but you did include a small portfolio of your writing that I went over last night." Oh fuck, that's not good. "I do believe you bring something new to our company and I can only see it helping us.” Just smile and nod. “However,” Fucking of course. “I don’t know if we can outright start you with us. Taking a chance on someone like you would cause a big problem if you fall through. I doubt that you would, but this is a business after all.”

“I understand.” That essentially you painted the word liability all over me.

“So I decided, after the few others I’ve considered for this position, I am instead going to make a group of those like you and you all will learn from each other, help each one another, and will eventually be put to work full time.”

Cassie’s mouth fell open. “Really?”

“Really.” He repeated with a smile.

“So… this means I technically got the job?”

“Yes, that is the correct wording. You’ll be paid half your salary and once you prove to me that I can hire you full time, you’ll see the rest of that paycheck.”

Cassie tried to contain herself and manged to keep her excitement under wraps and stood up once he did. “I-I can’t thank you enough for this!”

He chuckled. “It is no problem… Cassie.” First name basis already? “Of course, since you aren’t an employee yet, I can and will cut ties with you if something bad were to happen. Though with someone like you I wouldn’t want to see you go.”

Cassie felt weird about that. Are you saying that in a professional way or a ‘I’ve been staring at your skirt this whole time’ way, because your glasses don’t hide a thing.

“Of course, I’ll work hard and you can depend on me, Mr. Wry!”

“Oh and it’s alright to call me Ankara, no need to refer to me as Mr. or anything.”

Cassie nodded once more. Now that’s even weirder… “Alright Ankara, whatever work you have for me, I’ll be willing and waiting!”

He gave her a big smile and began the start of this quiet girl’s adulthood.