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Chapter 5: Hayate's Training

Men who did martial arts have always turned Cassie on. It was something about seeing the amount of skill and dedication that just got her going. So when Hayate invited her out to watch him... or something to that effect, she knew she couldn't turn him down.

She actually sat waiting for him to get a break, but she stared and watched as every muscle that tensed at his movements.

His hair stuck to his face and when he took a pause to calm his breathing, that didn't help Cassie; he looked as if nothing could bother him and that going near him would only end badly.

Others were in the room, but Cassie didn't know any of them, so staring at Hayate was just as good. Hayate took a breath and began his stretches.

Yeah much more worth it.

After ten minutes of him stretching and Cassie drooling, he was finally let go. Hayate's eyes immediately went to the door and he found Cassie standing there. He smiled and went to her as he dried himself off.

"You're late," he said once he was in front of her.

"I'm not, you were just practicing for so long."

He chuckled. "I know, I'm joking with you."

As always, then why even sound so serious? That shits not funny.

He walked off to collect his jacket and get his water bottle, Cassie followed behind him like a puppy. "But since you are here how about we stay and watch the others."

"Is that okay?"

He nodded. "We're training together, this'll help me become a good teacher too. The more I see, the better I'll be able to see what mistakes people make. Plus, it'll help me to see my own issues and know how I can help." Wow, you got all this shit figured out don't you? "But besides that, I figured you wanted to stay and watch anyway."

"Why do you think that?"

"You've always been interested in stuff like this." He crossed his arms. "Like boxing right?"

Her face went red. "Yeah..." Shyly, she averted her eyes from him and heard Hayate laughing.

"Although I can't teach you anything about boxing, I can teach you some self defense techniques."

"You don't have to do that."

"As you always say, just take my lesson and accept it."

She stared at him. Being so close to you scares me and who knows where you'll have to touch on top of all that but-

"Okay... maybe just a few things."


"Hold your arm over your face, keep your other hand out so if you can grab something do it." He positioned her arms then moved to see how she looked. "That's good, but remember to tense up, I can tell you aren't."

Then why don't you help me then. Cassie did as he said and kept her arms tense. After a few minutes, he told her to put her arms down.

"Now, to be sure you actually learned something, I'm going to come at you. If you do this you should be able to block me."

With him now in front of her, he approached her. Cassie watched his hand reach out for her and no matter ehat she was taught, she still flinched snd just covered her face. Hayate chuckled and she felt him grab her wrists.

"W-what's funny?" She said lowering her arms.

"That you panicked even though you knew I was coming at you."

I can't help that this shit scares me.

"Sorry, I'm kind of nervous."

He was still pressed against her. "Well, let's try again." He finally stepped back and let her get ready, once she was, he approached her again.

This time, Cassie blocked his arms and grabbed his shirt with her other hand.

She waited a bit before looking up. "N-now what?"

He smirked before moving his other hand to where she was grabbing. "Naturally, people would reach for the hand that grabbed them, that's when you hit them. You'd aim for exposed areas of the body, such as the nose or throat."

Cassie committed this information to memory, she hoped she'd never have to use it, but it was nice to have.

Hayate was staring at her while Cassie thought about what he said. He gently pulled her arms down, but remained holding her.

"How about we try another position you may find yourself in?"

"Uh, okay."

Hayate smiled and turned her around. Cassie then saw his arms as they wrapped around her shoulders.

What the hell?

Hayate chuckled near her ear. "You're not scared are you? I'll stop if you are?"

Cassie wasn't scared for the reason he was thinking, so she shook her head.

"Okay, then I'll continue." His embrace got tighter.

So much so that Cassie felt he could lift her in his arms and start dragging her.

"Now you tell me. What should you do in this position?"

Remembering what he told her, she should try fighting back and aiming for exposed areas. However, with her arms pinned down, she could really only fling them back and forth.

"Exposed areas so..." Her hand happened to be right where his hips were and the only thing she could think of was an organ she'd rather not touch... Well...

"Yes, I can tell you know where to aim by your hesitation. The groin is a good place to hit when pinned like that, you could also headbutt me considering your height."

Is that meant to mean I'm short? Why do you people think I'm so short?

"Remember your legs as well, you could kick back and hit their knee or stomp on their foot. Also, this can work if you're grabbed from the front. Would you like to be sure you can actually do this?"

Cassie made a face. Having your crotch against my back again sounds like a nightmare, but having your strong arms around me is a dream.

Simply, she nodded.

Hayate went to her and prompted when he'd grab her.

Once he did, he said, "can you remember the places?"

"Yeah, exposed areas..." With a gentle demonstration, she moved her head in a headbutting motion, swung her leg softly and moved her hand to once again hover his midsection. Her face went red. "I-I can't touch there."

He chuckled, but remained holding her. Now it was less in a threatening manner and more in a loving embrace.

"If you feel threatened then those manners should be thrown out the window. Remember this much: no matter your relationship, if someone is overstepping your bounds you need to defend yourself."

Too bad I'm not scared like that, I just need you to let me breathe!

He removed himself from her and stood with a smile. "You're actually pretty good at this, plus you have enough strength to defend yourself normally." Well my brothers were annoying when we were kids. "Though, I feel like we've wasted the entire day."

"I learned something, so it wasn't really wasted."

His smile returned. "How about I just take you home then?" She agreed and began getting her things as Hayate did. "Oh, but how about we go out later in the week?"

Cassie stood up normally but found Hayate closely in front of her.

The smile on his lips caused Cassie's mouth to open but nothing came out. He chuckled after a bit and touched the top of her head affectionately.

"I'll take that as a yes."

Cassie closed her mouth and once more just nodded. Hayate walked to the door. Cassie kept her back to him and gestured violently at herself.

You're an idiot! He's not that pretty, so relax and learn to talk!


She turned back and gave him a small smile before joining him at the door.