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Chapter 6: That Annoying Time of the Month

The sounds of nature were nothing compared to nature's blessing, or as Cassie liked to call it nature's devil. This shit that happened every month with the slight hope that Cassie would think to get knocked up, is what was going on. She didn't want to work, she didn't want to move and most importantly, she wanted to stop feeling like a baby with a wet diaper!

"Fuck me!" Cassie said rubbing her head. If nothing else, Cassie always got a headache when her period came. "Like the blood coming out of me isn't enough of a sign this shit is happening and for what? The hope that I might want a baby?"

She groaned and thought about getting something to eat, but then again that would mean she would have to get from her comfortable spot and that wasn't about to happen.

"So never mind I guess."

She sat there for a while longer when she heard someone at the door. I'm not getting up, maybe if I just stay quiet they'll think I'm not home. So she did just that and sat there for about two minutes in dead slience, the knocking went on and then she heard a voice.

"Cassie? Are you home?"


She still wasn't going to move and instead just yelled. "Yeah, you can come in!"

He already knew where the spare key was and soon she heard her door unlocking. He let himself inside and nearly sprinted to see her, but once he did he stopped.

"Oh, were you sleeping?" He asked with a worried look on his face.

"No, I'm just not feeling too good."

"So, you're sick?"


"Then what's wrong?"

She wondered if she could tell him. Well, if he has beef with this then he shouldn't be someone I'm with. It's a part of life you lucky motherfuckers don't have to deal with.

"Well, it's a special time of the month..." She began and Koto instantly understood as evident by his expression.

"Oh, w-well is there anything I can do for you?"

Helping me get off would really help. "Not really, I'm pretty much set just to sit here until I get tired."

He nodded and sat down near her feet. Cassie then touched her head and couldn't help but let out a pained expression.

"What's wrong?" His voice cried with concern.

"I just get headaches sometimes with this."

Koto smiled. "Then that's how I can help!" He stood up and walked to where she sat on the couch. "I'll give you a head massage."

"Koto, it's fine I swear."

"No it's not. Guys should help girls when they're going through this. I don't know what it feels like, but I can assume if some girls take medicine just to feel better, it must be pretty bad. So let me do this."

Why must you be so cute?

Cassie gave into him and moved as Koto directed. He seemed excited by this as he quickly sat where Cassie's head once was.

"Okay, um, you can rest your head in my lap."

Cassie nodded and turned on her side before dropping down to his lap. Her eyes were closed and soon she felt Koto's hands on her head. They were strangely warm, but she didn't really notice that until his fingers lightly brushed on her neck.

Cassie let out a soft sound which made Koto clear his throat, she couldn't help but smile.

"Oh, before I forget, why did you come over anyways?" She asked

"Right, uh, I came over because I wanted you to check this scene I wrote. I wasn't sure if I got the character's emotions right or not."

Cassie hummed. "Well, maybe you could just read it to me."

"Really? Even though you have a headache?"

"I've done worse with a headache." Plus I've had them my whole life, so I doubt if your voice will bother me that much.

"I really want to say no, but I know you'll just keep telling me otherwise..."

Damn right. He stopped touching her and pulled out the rolled pieces of paper, one of his hands returned to his head, but Cassie could hear him holding the papers with his other hand.

"The scene's supposed to be by a lighthouse. My main character just realized his wife cheated on him and the wife is trying to apologize since it was a moment of weakness." Cassie nodded and Koto began to read the script.

"The waves crash while the husband looks out to the ocean, his head is up and he begins a monologue: he says Was it something I did? I know I'm not perfect, but I tried my best to be sure she was happy... to be sure she at least loved me. I can't keep myself happy and now I know I can't even keep another happy. He walks over to a rock and begins to hit his hand on it. Why do the ocean's taunt me? They can keep going when I can't? Even when they're still here they work elsewhere. I fail when I'm supposed to work and my waves never crash properly. I can't even destroy things properly!" Koto read that with as much passion as he could all while Cassie's hair was run through. "Then the wife comes out and tries to stop him from hurting himself. Mark, don't do this! It was my mistake and I didn't think it would ever happen! He says, I knew it would have, eventually you would have realized a life with me wasn't worth it. I just wished you could have abandoned me instead of leading me to believe I was a good husband! He antagonizes. She says; You are a good husband. I do love you and being separated from you makes me want to stay with you... work past our differences and begin a new life together. He pauses for a while and eventually turns to her and she sees that he's crying. He then says, your new life doesn't include me and I know it. Then the scene is supposed to end and go on into something I haven't written yet."

Wow, that sounded amazing, but boy does Mark sound like a bitch sometimes.

"It's really good Koto and I think you have the right idea when it comes to how they should be feeling. I think what you have an issue with is making believable comments."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, Mark feels like he's a failure, not that he's done his wife wrong in some way. He should make comments that reflect that he hates himself for lack of skill or whatever it is he's missing. Yes he should comment on his wife, but only on the part where you say that he can't even make another person happy. After that the audience shouldn't be reminded he's married until she comes out to put emphasis that he feels like a failure personally, not at their marriage."

She felt Koto's lift up, the paper was crinkling and she could hear his scribbling as he quickly wrote. Once it stopped, his hand returned to her head.

"That's amazing, I didn't think to do it like that! I'll rewrite it tonight."

"I'm glad I can help, but I would love to see this play on stage."

"I know, that's why I'm working so hard on this. Mr. Wry said if I can give him a compelling piece he'll allow me to put this play on!"

"Oh, really? Good for you!"

Koto paused for a bit. "Uh, though, you would really want to come and see this play?"

"Of course!"

"Even though you're helping me with the entire thing?"

"Yes Koto, I always look at things through a new lens so I never get tired of watching or reading anything interesting. Besides, I want to know how you see your words, not how I see them."

Cassie heard Koto whisper something, but when she turned to ask him what he said, he just shook his head and focused on her hair.

"I'm really glad we met Cassie."

She smiled and shut her eyes once more. "I am too Koto."