Personal Page for The Demonic Repentance

On these personal pages, I wanna talk about what the story is and give more details about the plot (obviously without spoiling it).


The Demonic Repentance is a classic star crossed lovers story about a Demon and an Angel who fall in love. The main characters, Akuma and Cassie, are a Demon and Angel respectively. They both have similar issues and Akuma decides to use Cassie's naivety against her. Hoping to coax her into doing what he wants, he feigns loving her and his efforts to find a use for her begin.


From Chapter 1

The trio turned in my direction. I stepped from behind the bushes and upon meeting my eyes, Ren stood in front of Cassie defensively. The Human screamed and fell back as he flailed about, trying to get away.

“Of course it’s you,” Ren said through gritted teeth.

I looked at him. “How long has it been since we’ve last dealt with each other?”

Ren's eyes never left me as he spoke to Cassie. “We need to leave. Now!”


“Just listen to me! We saved the Human. You go ahead and leave first.” Cassie's eyes panned between Ren and me. I guess she was worried. What for? Wasn’t she here to ruin my day?

My eyes met Cassie’s while she stared at me. No matter her brother’s words, she just remained there looking at me. With her eyes alone I could tell she somehow knew of me. Not in an infamous kind of way, but more like she was familiar with me. I knew I wasn’t forgetting someone like her; her energy was so uncontrolled it was easy to feel; but, no matter how much her very existence was causing me strife, I wouldn’t forget her presence now.

I focused back on Ren. “Mind telling me why you thought it was appropriate to come down for this guy’s salvation when he was already six feet under?”

“We save Humans from evil like you.” Ren declared. Despite that most likely being what they came here for, Cassie seemed shocked hearing Ren's explanation.

“Evil like me?” I began, “this Human is what you consider good? Don’t you know, fools like him have a willing habit to enact their will upon others. What happened to them all being brothers and sisters?” Ren said nothing. “Is that what took you so long? I did think it was strange you justice bringers didn’t come down here sooner.”

“I’ll admit, it’s impressive you were even able to trick a male, but I knew to show up right at this moment. We were taught it angers Demons.” Ren smirked. “Looks like they're not wrong.”

I started to get closer. Ren only backed up, keeping Cassie behind him. It was strange that Ren wasn’t fighting me. He didn’t seem equipped for a fight either; usually, Ren carried an assortment of weapons, changing them almost daily in his efforts to find a weapon to his liking. He didn’t have a single item on him right now.

“Look at you! I’m trying to settle this between us; but it looks like you’re finally being the bigger man.”

“I have no reason to fight you!” He yelled.

“And I have no reason to not kill you.”

“Ren… did we really take his food?” Cassie tried—and failed—to whisper to him.

“Now’s not the time Cassie!” I snickered at the sight of the fumbling pair. Ren’s eyes rolled. “Whatever, let’s just ignore him and get out of here.”

Cassie had no time to react verbally, but her expressions were very loud. I knew she wanted to say something; but before she could, they were gone along with the light.

The night returned and it wasn’t as comforting as it was earlier. It only confirmed my indefinite loss, and that's when the pathetic moans of the Human who was still cowering further against a tree started to fill the slience of the forest.

I scoffed. “I would suggest you take a hike before I try to take your soul by force this time.”

He stumbled to his feet, and ran off while screaming something about never trusting the internet again.

And there goes my dinner plans.

I looked at the discarded knife. Picking it up, some of his blood was still on it. I sat on the ground and felt another sigh escape me.

Personal feelings about the story

I can't stay serious for very long so now I'll step down from my TED Talk. As my story inspos described, I wrote this story as a little highschooler who was just as touch starved then as I am now. Desperate for any kind of positive attention towards myself, I created this story to live and escape into a fantasy world. Despite me being a woman, I identify more with my main male character than my female (That's not common btw).

This story lives rent free in my head more than my other stories simply because of how long I've been working on it. As a kid, the story wasn't all too good, so as an adult I spent some time reworking and editing it to something I like a lot more, unfortunately for me and my perfectionist ass I'll will never be fully satisfied with it and will always be working on it.


There's a lot of lore in this one as I am a world building junkie and can't get enough out of making facts, history, science, and other in-universe cannon for my stories. In this case, that's why throughout this page Angel and Demon are proper nouns. In order to be sure readers could tell the difference between a human speaking or some entity, I have the names as proper nouns. Much like we do with dog breeds or the ethnicities in the world. Not only that, but Angels also have sub catagories that I explain here so I won't waste my time doing it again. If you didn't read that, then all you need to know is Angels have attributes that are Light, Fire, and Ice. Those are proper nouns as well to be sure my readers know what's an attribute and what's just a blazing fire in the woods.

So what's this story about? And who are the characters? I hear no one asking, well my main character is simply named Akuma. (No, it's not from Street Fighter, as some might know Akuma in Japanese is simply just demon. Yes, I'm unoriginal as hell.) He's very influential in his home of Hell. Cassie is a young Angel who's precieved as weak and naive. The main plot between the two is how they're more alike than different, being physically different as an Angel and Demon helps to affirm how these two try and see their differences more than their similarities.

In my universe, Demons are closely related to Angels but they only have one attribute and that is Fire obviously

Extras about the story

Extra extras

So I would often (and still do) use OC makers or dress up games to see what my characters look like. As a kid, I was really big on Rinmaru games rip so here's a look at those. I actually had a lot more, but there's no need to waste anyone's time with that.

This is actually what Akuma's hair is suppose to look like. Everything else was right though, red eyes and pale skin.

Recently though, I've started using Picrew and Everskies (the latter being just a bit better overall) and here's a look closer to what she actually looks like in this story.