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On these personal pages, I wanna talk about what the story is and give more details about the plot (obviously without spoiling it).


All The Screams is a story about the beginning of a young woman's life who seems to have nothing but bad things happen to her. Cassie ends up meeting three other companions along the way who get themselves involved in her hurdles. See one part of her life in which she attempts to preform a duty she was trained to do while discovering something she would have never imagined would be true of herself.


From Chapter 5

“There is something I hate more than Reapers and it is liars!” Cassie brandished her sword.

"What are you doing?" The yell of her companion behind her fell on deaf ears.

With Cassie already in motion, the man she aimed for showed no sign of concern. In that very moment the blade did strike him.

Curil's eyes widened and he looked down where he saw a blade through his chest. Reaching to touch the cold metal, his expression was that of a bewilderment.

Cassie retracted the blade, there she saw the faintest amount of blood. Discolored as it was, she knew her blade worked.

Curil looked up at her, his hand remained over the wound he seemingly sustained.

“How are you able to cut me?” Curil’s eyes flashed with something.

Yet before Cassie could discern what that was, Kyo stepped closer to Curil, his hand over his mouth and his body trembled as he tried to approach the fallen Reaper.

“A-are you alright?”

Curil coughed, but nodded. “As much as I will be.” He paused. “Cassie… You know as well as I do that something is wrong.”

Kyo looked between them both.

“Well, of course I do…” She looked down to her blade.

Kyo faced her. “What were you thinking? Who cares about whatever he presumably did, he promised not to harm us and even accepted our help!”

“I did not strike him for any other reason than to scare him off. If he lied about his nature, then I had to be wary he could be lying about not harming us."

“Is that really all you are concerned about?”

Knowing he would not understand, she pushed past Kyo and stood in front of Curil.

“You are a Grim Reaper correct?”

He nodded. “Now that is a surprise. Your father did more research then he should.”

“Leave my father out of this, but how am I able to harm you? Physical weapons should have no effect on you, yet I was able to harm you?”

Curil shrugged. “I was harmed before by hunters, but only because they specialize in the killing of my kind… As for you, I can only say your weapon is of similar enchantment.” Cassie looked at her blade. “It may be cursed.” He added.

“Cursed?” Cassie repeated.

“You own a cursed blade?” Kyo asked.

She faced him. “Of course not.” She defended. “This… this blade… it c-cannot be cursed.” Cassie's voice deflated.

“If it hurt me it has to be.” Curil stated.

“He is right Cassie.” Quana spoke from inside her.

“Cursed…” She repeated that under her breath.

No part of her wanted to believe the words and she scoured her mind for answers to the contrary.

Cassie growled and looked at Curil. “What kind of enchantments harm you anyways? Perhaps it's just the metal the blade was forged from."

Curil shrugged. “I could direct you to people who can kill me. They may be able to provide more information than me.”

Cassie made a face. “Kyo… help me untie him.”

Kyo stumbled, but ran over to help her release Curil.

Once he was free, he lifted his shirt exposing the wound the blade gave him. Resting his palm over it, he started to heal himself.

“Whatever is going on with my blade, you can help me confirm it." Cassie paused. "Then if… it is true there is a curse, would you assist in finding what kind of curse it is?"

Personal feelings about the story

Whenever anyone asks me about this story (which is almost never) I explain that I wrote this story over the course of my high school career. I had the worst time in high school and have very little fond memories, very specifically, I had the worst freshmen year ever, so I threw myself into writing to avoid that feeling weighing on me. Without getting into details, apart of this story is meant to reflect that part of my life. So, for four years I wrote this story on and off until I finished it when I was eighteen and graduated. What actually inspired this story was a poem I was made to write in my creative writing class (below).

Also beside this excerpt, the rest of the story isn't up to my adult standard—will be the trend for all these stories—I wrote most of them when I was in middle or high school, so a lot of them are at the standard of a kid, and especially one who had no idea how to do most anything properly in writing. For that reason, it might be a long while before I ever think about posting the whole story. However, it is fully plotted and if I ever get around to editing it proper, I won't have very much to do... besides my usual extra work I do.

As for the other characters in this story, I frequently re-use characters and for this story they are Cassie, Kyo, Quana, and Curil. Except for Kyo, each of these characters have been used in other stories. For this story though, they're all the first established forms of themselves. Also, fair warning that Kyo is involved in a gay relationship so, again, if that's not you're thing, that's cool.


This one is a little hard to detail because there's a lot of stuff I thought about, but never wrote. Again, on my tumblr I detailed a little bit so if you're interested, you can check that out here. Here, I think I'll talk more about little details like how this story fits in with the rest of my "lore".

One of the most important things is the name of the region where the story takes place, it is a place known as Leigh. If this isn't familiar with you, then check out this story where I talk more about that. It's not a spoiler to mention this because this it's simply just history in this universe.

Bumalia was the earliest kingdom ever recorded. Two generations after that the kingdom dissolves, it turned into smaller nation states and simply the name remained in the spirit of the land. I will answer something I know no one's asking. "Is Cassie going to have a royal bloodline." No. In the story, I never detail it because it's not relevant, but Cassie's father actually is related to the royal family that no longer exists. He ends up leaving the royal family and goes somewhere no one knows of his blood ties. He ends up getting married and having two kids on the outskirts of a small upstarting village.

Small facts like this are present through my stories, so when I remember them, I'll be sure to mention them :)

I actually have a few "monsters" in this story who are somewhat staples in my general lore. Ghosts and Reapers are the normal world creatures I usually have present in my stories. My own creatures are Quana, Bo, Denki, Giga, and one creature who doesn't really have a name, but it’s more like an entity that exists as a presence in my stories.

Quana is a being with various forms, but I created her randomly in my class when I was around middle school age. I remember drawing her on assignment I had (below) and from there, she's usually a creature I use when I want a mythical creature in the story. She also has a human form which I usually compare to bubblegum (since she has pink hair and light blue eyes). I have drawn her several times, but her normal traits remain the same. She’s usually called a parasitic creature, but in reality she just resides inside of a human's body and lives off the water in their body without taking any from the host. Quana also has another form called "Giga Quana" in which she turns into a mindless giant version of herself. I originally made this form for AtS, but I ended up never using it. Instead, this form is present in another story I'm currently still working on (as of 2023).

Bo is an adorable creature I made for this story and it has the ability to animate unconscious beings or carcasses in order to hide itself. It's a harmless creature that you could compare to a bunny. I've only used it one other story, but it serves the same function—a cute creature who hides itself to survive.

Denki are humanoid ape men I use as a common species. Whenever I have a world that has monsters or creatures, I usually reference these guys. They're actually very intelligent but for some reason didn't evolve like other Bumalians. They retained almost all of their animal traits enough the centuries.

Giga (Pronounced Gee-ga) is a strange creature I made when in class along with Giga Quana. It's a creature that's invisible during rainstorms, it waits around in the clouds until someone shows up under it and attacks them viciously. When it's not raining, the creature hides itself away until the next rainstorm.

Extras about the story

Here's the poem

All of the screams,

heard round’ the world,

the whispers had told,

of something unreal.

Happiness a plight

A tale of joy and unwarranted dreams

The problems much bigger

Than did or did she not

And a figment of imagination.

All of the screams,

heard ‘round the world,

the whispers had told,

of something real…

Extra extras

Here's Quana from my math work lol

Here's Quana's other forms.

Here's Giga and Bo

Here's the other main characters!

This is what I imagined Cassie to look like:

This is what I drew Curil to look like when I was like sixteen or seventeen. I actually like this design and am super shocked to see how well I got his design as a kid.

And here's Kyo, I actually didn't finish his face :(